Servo-powered feeder/straightener suitable for heavy-gauge, high-strength steel

September 16, 2008

The Power-Core series of feeder/straighteners from Feed Lease are suitable for heavy-gauge, high-strength steels. Material up to 84 in. wide and up to 1/2 in. thick can be fed and straightened.

Functioning differently than a servo-feed with a pull-through straightener, the system is designed so that the entry and exit feed rolls, along with all of the lower straightener rolls, are driven together. This is accomplished with a huge servomotor, a helical-bevel reducer, and gear train. All upper rolls, as well as the straightener, lift for pilot registration using a heavy-duty pneumatic or hydraulic system. The straightener rolls, while able to lift for pilot registration, are independently adjusted to help increase depth penetration and flexibility.

The system comes in two sizes: a heavy-duty model with 5.5-in.-dia. feed rolls and 4.25-in.-dia. straightener rolls, and an extreme-duty model with 6.5-in.-dia. feed rolls and 5-in.-dia. straightener rolls. The design can be upgraded with straightener rolls in diameters of 6.5 in. or 8 in. The extreme-duty model has an outer-side plate thickness of 2 in. Since the upper roll assembly is built separate from the rest of the machine for added structural rigidity, the side plate for the upper rolls (inner side plate) is 2.5 in. thick.

Users can combine the system with either a cradle or a reel and coil car to help save space. Options include an automatic lube system, automatically adjusted straightener rolls, edge guides, and a cabinet height based on the job recipe. The feeder/straightener can be press- or floor-mounted.

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