Slug-retention machine adjustable to three height positions

March 12, 2014

DTC Products has introduced a new version of its original patented slug-retention machine. The device uses a pneumatically powered grinder to machine a small angled groove into the side wall of the die cavity in a stamping die to prevent slugs from pulling onto the die surface where they can damage the metal strip, the stamped part, or the stamping die itself.

Additions and changes to the original design include one thumbscrew for adjusting the grinder height, a plunger-style grinder head, and a grinder head adjustable-depth stop to control the grinder’s depth into the die cavity.

The grinder assembly now is adjustable to three height positions, each 0.5 in. apart, enabling it to work with a greater variety of part thicknesses. The lights have been changed to flex lights that the operator can position to see into the cavity.

The grinder produces a groove that is 0.0009 to 0.005 in. deep and machined at an angle of 3 to 5 degrees to the die surface, which creates a precise amount of slug interference.