Slug retention unit prevents slugs from pulling during stamping

July 12, 2012

Slug retention unit prevents slugs from pulling during stamping -

Slugs that pull during a stamping operation can end up in the work zone and potentially damage either the stamped part or the die. DTC Products, a division of Dec Tool Corp., has developed a patented device, the Slug Retention Machine, that prevents slugs from pulling back onto the die block.

The machine uses a pneumatically powered grinder to machine a smallm angled groove into the side wall of the die cavity in a stamping die. A micrometer coupled to the drive of the machine's slide enables precise movement of the machine’s carriage to control the depth of the slug retention groove.

The groove is machined in at a calculated depth and angle to the die surface to create the right amount of interference. During the stamping operation, slugs expand into these grooves, which prevents them from pulling back up to the top of the die block and onto the die surface where they can cause damage to the strip, final part, or the die. The retention grooves can be machined into the die openings while the die is still in the press.

The machine is less than 10 in. high and features a magnetic base that allows it to be mounted temporarily but firmly in place on the die surface during the grooving operation.