Splitter facilitates safe die separation, inverting, maintenance, reassembly

February 13, 2007

Green Valley's Titan 2288 die splitter allows safe separation, inverting, maintenance and re-assembly of dies.

The device services a die weighing up to 8,000 lbs. and mates with the company' die cart to allow for safe die handling throughout the process. A rear kick-out table with swing-away bolster extensions (not shown) allows the bottom half of the die to be rolled away from the splitter to a separate roller top table for servicing access. The upper half is rotated 180 degrees and lowered to a convenient work height. The swing-away bolster extensions on the kick-out table can be folded to allow front and rear access to the inverted upper die half. Once all die maintenance is completed, the die motions are reversed, and the die is safely and precisely reassembled.