System combines laser cutting with coil-fed processes

May 15, 2014

Dimeco Alipresse has introduced the LINACUT® coil laser cutting system. Able to process strip from 0.01 to 0.16 in. thick, the cutting line comprises a coil handling section, a continuous laser cutting module, and an optional automatic robotic stacking cell.

The system processes all metals, including mild and HSLA steel; stainless steel; aluminum; copper; and galvanized, aluminized, precoated, and filmed materials.

Precise strip guidance prevents edge trimming, so that the coil width matches the size of parts to produce. Blank loading is eliminated, and coil change is needed only when material quality is changed. The PITSTOP® configuration enables the insertion and recoiling of the strip, without manual operation, in less than 3 min.

The system generates the automatic adjustment of all parameters of the feeding line, such as guides and roll penetration, when a new production batch is launched. Depending on the application, the manufacturing time can be reduced by 10 to 80 percent, says the company.

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