Tracking system for press controller monitors 24-hour production

December 11, 2007

Cieco Inc. has announced that its Automator II press automation controller now comes standard with a basic production tracking system.

The feature enables the controller to monitor the last 24 hours of production occurrences, including press faults that have stopped production. A 24-hour graph shows real-time production with the actual number of parts produced, parts per minute, average parts per minute, uptime, and downtime. The data then is stored in fault history.

A user who wants to view a press downtime three hours earlier can move a cursor on the graph to the specific time and check the fault. The cursor position also displays parts per minute and average parts per minute with a time stamp on the production run. A login history chart monitors which operator is running the press.

Users who want to create reports can download this information to their PC using the optional CieconetII software or the standard USB port on the operator interface.

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