Transfer system line offers flexibility

October 12, 2004

AIDA provides a range of transfer lines designed to give stampers the flexibility to tailor their transfer needs to fit the job.

For production runs requiring large parts and corresponding stroke lengths, the company's SMX series presses offer double-crank straight-side rigidity and accuracy in 300 to 3,000 metric tons. Suitable for deep-drawing applications, the series offers full capacity at in. off bottom. In a two or more press system, the machine can be run individually, or when extra tooling is required, the line can be run as a single large transfer press by initiating the intermediate stage between the presses and running the presses in a continuous, synchronized operation.

The company's NC series gap-frame presses offer a modular transfer option for stampers who have large part orders but lack the volumes that would require a dedicated transfer system. The NC1 single- point and NC2 two-point presses can be used with the company's transfer automation system as a transfer line or as individual manual presses. Transfer operations can be performed in a single two-point suspension gap press, or in a multiple press cell where one- and two-point suspension machines are grouped to provide total capacity of 1,000 tons or more and a bed area of 20 ft. or more. According to the company, cycle speeds are quite close to those of a dedicated transfer press.

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