Zigzag press feeding system allows part nesting

August 14, 2012

Zigzag press feeding system allows part nesting - TheFabricator.com

Cooper-Weymouth, Peterson (CWP) has produced a new 18- by 0.030-in. by 15,000-lb. zigzag press feeding system featuring a stock reel, straightener, threading tables, and zigzag servo feed for an appliance manufacturer. The system allows parts to be nested together for a 22 percent scrap savings over conventional, single-hit stamping, the company states.

The 5R-18 stock reel features a 72-in.-OD capacity; a 17.5- to 22.5-in.-ID capacity; hydraulic expansion; hydraulic inching drive; and an ultrasonic, variable-tension brake. The 18B stock straightener has matte chrome pinch rolls and smooth chrome straightening rolls to process critical finish material. The threading table features a Micarta® top, and the ZSMXSE18 zigzag servo feed has an auto-lube system, entry and exit quick-release cam lock, adjustable edge guides for material squaring, and adjustable-height cabinet base for quick passline height adjustments.