3-D seam inspection system inspects welded, adhesive, brazed joints

December 11, 2007

Vitronic's 3-D seam inspection system, VIROwsi, inspects welded, adhesive, and brazed joints, using objective test criteria with constant attention and documenting results. It is suitable for weld seams, brazing seams, and sealant beads.

A sensor uses laser triangulation to record 3-D data of the welded joint's surface for optical quality inspection. The sensor is moved over the joint, with data analysis conducted on an industrial PC. The sensor examines the joints with respect to their dimensions—such as breadth, throat thickness, and volume—and joint-specific errors like porosity and undercuts. The result is sent to the control system and recorded in the quality records automatically.

Applications include GMAW, MAG, and laser welds, as well as joints, edges, gap measurements, and weld guidance.

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