Absolute measuring interferometer drives up to 100 channels

March 5, 2014

In cooperation with University of Oxford, Etalon AG has developed Absolute Multiline Technology for use in the precision measurement of lengths up to 65.62 ft. It combines the features of an interferometer with those of absolute measuring systems.

The laser beam can be interrupted at any time without causing precision loss, the company reports. Integrated in a large machine tool, the technology monitors machine calibration continuously and initiates compensating measures as needed to help ensure the dimensional accuracy of the components.

A single system can drive up to 100 measurement channels, depending on the system configuration. Each sensor comprises a commercial robust fiber and a miniature optical element without any electronic components. It can measure motions of an object with a resolution of more than 500 kHz during one measurement interval.

Automated metrology monitoring of robots based on reference lines is possible, as are geometrical, long-term monitoring of the dimensional stability of fixtures and the detection of deformations and vibrations of generators, turbines, and pressure containers.