Borescopes extendible for tube, pipe inspections

July 10, 2013

Borescopes extendible for tube, pipe inspections -

Lenox Instrument Co. offers sectional, extendible, modular borescopes for tube and pipe inspections. Users can add extender sections to provide long working lengths up to 120 ft.

The borescopes, available in diameters of 0.91, 1.38, 1.77, and 2.76 in., allow identification of flaws as small as 0.0005 in. They provide clear illumination of welds and surface defects, such as pitting, corrosion, and denting, inside tubing and pipe.

A color video minicamera, available for attachment to the eyepiece, produces clear, high-resolution images. Color images can be viewed and recorded on a digital video recorder/player with a high-resolution display. Various viewing heads are available.

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