CMM incorporates wireless thermal compensation system

January 8, 2013

CMM incorporates wireless thermal compensation system -

Coord3 Metrology LLC has introduced the European-manufactured Universal line of vertical-bridge CMMs to the North American market.

The machine features an alloy, moving-frame design for improved dynamics and measuring accuracy. It incorporates wireless thermal compensation of both machine and part, allowing the measuring system to compensate automatically and dynamically for changes in the CMM operating environment. This system allows the CMM to perform with stated measuring accuracy between 16 and 26 degrees C.

Gold-plated, 0.1-µm measuring scales are free-floating in support tracks, helping to prevent CMM structural changes from influencing its measuring accuracy.

The highly rigid structural coordinate measuring platform allows the use of point-to-point, analog contact scanning, and laser scanning sensors, making it suitable for full, five-axis and gear measuring applications.

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