Device tests longitudinal strength of flange-to-pipe welds

May 12, 2009

EST has introduced the Reverse Pressure GripTight (RPGT) for testing the longitudinal strength of flange-to-pipe welds. By isolating the area between a test flange and the test plug, the flange-to-pipe weld is subjected to radial and longitudinal stresses equivalent to the stresses that would be produced when using a test blind to pressurize the entire piping system.

According to the company, pressure testing flange-to-pipe welds with the test plug eliminates the need to blind, fill, and pressurize the entire pipe system. Standard plugs allow testing to pressure up to 2,250 PSI, which covers ANSI 600# class and lower. Plugs are available in sizes 2 to 12 in., with larger plug sizes and higher pressure capability available upon request.

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