Digital toolset helps operators troubleshoot alignment problems

October 9, 2013

Digital toolset helps operators troubleshoot alignment problems -

Brunson Instrument Co. has released the AlignCam™ CCD sensor, TeleView™ software, and an instrument adapter. The digital toolset helps operators troubleshoot precision alignment problems, as well as archive and document results.

The system provides a live image and continuous feedback on sight lines, so a field technician can make adjustments to achieve precision alignments. It is suitable for a variety of measurement and inspection applications, such as turbomachinery centerlines, drive system alignment for shipbuilding, roller alignment in many types of process machinery, and precision leveling of machine bases.

An optional mobile kit allows the operator to view the image on a mobile device anywhere in the workspace or around the world. This kit includes a laptop computer, remote viewer, wireless router, network cable, and a choice of a hard case or backpack.

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