External laser scanner features high-speed, 3-D point cloud capturing capabilities

July 7, 2014

Hexagon Metrology has introduced an external laser scanner for use with the new Romer Absolute Arm. The Hexagon Probe Laser 20.8 (HP-L-20.8), which replaces the CMS108 laser scanner, performs on complex surfaces and workpieces made of shiny materials such as machined, cast, stamped, and forged metals.

Together, the scanner and arm form a portable CMM with certified scanning system accuracy. It features adjustable scanning width, line length up to 9.06 in., and a scan rate of up to 150,000 points/sec. for high-speed, 3-D point cloud capturing.

The scanner is fully integrated with the arm and does not require additional cables or external controllers. Manual setting of the laser power according to the surface color or reflectivity is not required, as the patented scanning technology adapts automatically in real time.

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