Fastener inspection system discerns force or torque applied to rivets

August 12, 2008

The Orbitform Group's fastener inspection system identifies cracks, defects, and misforms via pattern recognition. It also indicates if improper force or torque has been applied to rivets—secured by orbital, spin, radial, or impact riveters, as well as presses—or other formed fasteners.

Incorporating CURE® (concurrent universal recognition engine memory processing architecture) technology, the system provides real-time process monitoring and control to prevent face diameters and appearance from reaching unacceptable ranges. Designed for simplified setup and use, it is trained on the correct data signature. The signature then is combined with the visual inspection data from an industry-standard vision system using custom crack detection image processing algorithms. The fusion of these two data streams allows the system to determine a rivet's or fastener's condition both structurally and cosmetically.

The CURE engine also allows communication between typically disparate data types, such as image and force/distance data. The inspection system is a standard option on most of the company's machines.

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