Fiber-optic, flexible borescopes deliver large images, up to 25,000-pixel resolution

July 13, 2004

Gradient Lens Corp. (GLC) has introduced a new line of Hawkeye® Blue flexible borescopes. The borescopes now are available in 2.5-, 4.0-, and 6.0-mm diameters. The new designs include high-clarity fiber-optic bundles that deliver resolution up to 25,000 pixels combined with high contrast and images nearly twice the size of many scopes of the same diameter, the company says.

Features include:

  • Two-way articulation, +/-120 degrees
  • Stainless steel braided sheaths, standard on all models
  • Compatibility with the company's portable light sources
  • Compatibility with video displays and documentation systems
  • 30X eyepiece

The borescopes allow users to see inside castings, tube assemblies, and welded joints in bent tubes. Suitable applications include mission-critical aviation, automotive, and diesel maintenance and parts manufacturing; and turbine, engine block, manifold, and autobody and frame inspection.