Fixtures bend test wrought and cast steel, other ferrous materials

February 8, 2005

Instron® offers a variety of fixtures for bend testing wrought and cast steel and other ferrous materials. These fixtures include cold bend and guided weld bend models.

Two different lines of cold bend fixtures are available for testing steel reinforcing bars to ASTM A615 and ASTM A996 standards. Both styles of bend test fixtures are designed for bend testing up to a full 180-degree bend and are available with a variety of loading pins to accommodate various diameters of rebar and round steel bars. The fixtures comprise a support assembly, bending ram, and variable support span.

The guided weld bend test fixtures are designed to evaluate the ductility of plate specimens and welded ferrous and nonferrous materials in accordance with ASTM A370 and ASTM E190 standards. These fixtures utilize plungers or loading struts for producing up to a full 180-degree bend and are available with a fixed or adjustable span base.

The company also offers customized bend testing fixtures designed to meet a variety of capacity, support width, and support span requirements for additional ASTM standards.

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