Flaw detection system uses guided-wave technology

June 20, 2013

Flaw detection system uses guided-wave technology - TheFabricator.com

Olympus has introduced the UltraWave™ LRT, a flaw detection system that uses guided-wave technology to perform long-range inspections on pipes and pipelines. The NDT technique inspects and localizes areas of potential degradation, such as corrosion and metal loss.

The technology is based on low-frequency ultrasonic waves that travel lengthwise along a pipe, collecting cross-sectional data and detecting wall thickness variations. Since energy loss is minimal, the waves can be propagated over a long distance. It enables screening for defects from a single inspection position, covering 100 percent of the pipe's circumference.

The system features software, a battery-powered acquisition unit, touchscreen laptop, and compact probes with bands and bladders for various pipe diameters. The low clearance of the inspection collar permits installation in limited-access locations, as well as on-site transportation and shipping.

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