Image processing systems automate surface inspection

October 9, 2012

Image processing systems automate surface inspection -

Vitronic offers Vinspec turnkey automated surface inspection systems. The 2-D and 3-D camera-based systems generally are installed inline to inspect surfaces at production speed. Parts with any shape, area, and contours are recorded reliably, even when the part is not positioned precisely, the company says.

The machine vision systems detect surface flaws such as scratches, notches, dents, bubbles, pores, cavities, spots, and changes in transparency, as well as edge defects such as cracks, burrs, bevel, rounding, and leveling errors. Defective parts can be detected automatically and discharged in a timely manner.

The inspection software learns on the basis of relevant defect patterns and CAD files. The inspection data is documented as proof for customers and for traceability and can be used to make targeted process optimizations.

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