Inspection, measurement software features 250 enhancements

April 8, 2004

FARO Technologies Inc. has released CAM2 Measure® 4.0, which features 250 enhancements over previous versions, including a new user interface that shares a common look and feel with the company's Gage software.

Among the new features are:

  • Enhanced probe calibration for improved accuracy and data acquisition control.
  • New measurement commands including torus, Torus segment, rectangular toroid, and extruded rectangle.
  • Tubing functionality that enables users to measure bends of 180 degrees or greater on both round and rectangular tubes.
  • Cross-section measuring that automatically compares a stream of data to the CAD surface.
  • Greater angular repeatability of Laser Tracker measurements in a variety of positions, which can be copied and pasted into tertiary programs such as Microsoft® Excel® and Notepad®.
  • Color-coded bar charts in addition to numerical reports.

The software is available in eight languages.

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