Inspection service helps ensure welds are fit for purpose

October 11, 2012

Keighley Laboratories offers a comprehensive weld testing and inspection service, including welding procedure consultancy and approval; welder qualification tests, on-site weld investigation; and through its newly upgraded Test House, a complete range of destructive, nondestructive, and metallography testing facilities.

The company is UKAS-accredited for weldment testing and certification across a variety of professional specifications, including relevant commercial BS EN ISO and ASTM standards and aerospace primes like BAE, Rolls Royce, Westland Helicopters, Airbus, Bombardier, and the CAA, with the final assessment process now under way for Nadcap approval.

The team is familiar with testing weld coupons only millimeters thick in titanium, aluminum, nickel and cobalt alloys, and other exotic metals for aerospace fabricators, as well as carbon steel and stainless steel test plates several inches thick for commercial welders and manufacturers. The testing covers all types of welded joints, including butt or groove welds; fillets; lap, edge and T joints; and corners and cruciform, both plate-to-plate and tube-to-tube in similar or dissimilar materials. It handles welds produced using all manual and automated welding methods, from stick and oxyacetylene techniques to GTAW, GMAW, MAG and plasma arc, brazing, and soldering.