Inspection software released in dual-column version

November 8, 2012

Inspection software released in dual-column version -

Delcam has introduced a dual-column version of PowerINSPECT inspection software. The combination of a dual-column CMM and the software allows the simultaneous measurement of different features on larger parts. Parts can be measured in a single coordinate system without repositioning.

Models are loaded in the same way as with the single-column version, and inspection items are created using the same methods. The difference is that an additional programming operation is needed to distribute the various items to be inspected between the two columns. Additions to the offline-programming and program-running capabilities provide tools for moving inspection items between the two columns to balance the inspection time needed for each one. Users can switch columns in much the same way that they switch probes or tools.

The collision predictor within the software checks for possible collisions between columns by calculating their moves as the inspection proceeds and comparing their future positions in space and time. If any overlap is detected, the inspection is stopped and a warning displayed.

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