Machine tool scanning system measures 1,000 true 3-D data points/sec.

February 18, 2014

Renishaw’s new SPRINT™ system incorporates a new generation of on-machine analog scanning technology to allow fast, accurate form and profile data capture from both prismatic and complex 3-D components. With scanning speeds up to 49 FPM and the ability to measure 1,000 true 3-D data points/sec., the system is suitable for workpiece measurement, inspection, adaptive machining, and on-machine process control.

The system’s applications are enabled and supported by software packages dedicated to specific industrial tasks, such as the SPRINT blade toolkit. The toolkits include on-machine data analysis that runs automatically in-cycle and provides measurement feedback to CNC machining processes.

At the core of the system is the OSP60 probe, which has an analog sensor with 0.1-μm resolution in three dimensions. The analog sensor technology provides a continuous deflection output that combines with machine position to derive the true location of the part surface.