Metrology software includes several new features

July 23, 2012

Metrology software includes several new features -

Hexagon Metrology has introduced PC-DMIS 2012 metrology software. It focuses on the collection, evaluation, management, and presentation of manufacturing data to help reduce scrap, improve throughput, reduce costs, and build lean manufacturing operations.

The ClearanceCube feature eliminates potential collisions of part and probe. It attaches a protective virtual envelope around the part being measured and guides the probe to avoid that area. The software automatically completes all safety moves so the operator can box-select a group of features, then use the path optimizer feature to determine the most effective path. The ClearanceCube is assigned to the selected feature, not the plan, to help simplify additions and changes to the inspection routine.

When inspection data is imported into CAD, the software can remember the current translation of assembled components, so the CAD file does not need to be repositioned. Revisions to the CAD file prompt the change manager to highlight those design changes automatically.

With the new Measurement Strategies for AutoFeatures, users can scan planes, circles, cylinders, and cones directly from the AutoFeature dialog box with automatic setting of speed, point density, and filtering parameters.

Sortable Features is another addition to the user interface, which provides a fast way to search features by ID, type, program sequence, or time in various dialog boxes. The new Summary Mode enhancement adds color-coded, symbolic text to avoid the time spent sorting through an inspection report for dimensional compliance.

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