Microfocus NDT system inspects dense, large parts

June 19, 2014

The XT H 450 from Nikon Metrology uses a 450-kV microfocus source to perform turbine blade measurement and NDT and inspection of steel and aluminum cast parts. The system is available with a flat panel or curved linear diode array detector (CLDA). The CLDA optimizes the collection of X-rays by eliminating scatter phenomena that typically corrupt 2-D radiographs of blades and other metal parts, reports the company.

The microfocus source features a spot size of 50 to 320 µm depending on the power, three to eight times smaller than corresponding minifocus sources, for inspection of small, high-density parts or aluminum castings. It features an open-tube design with user-replaceable filaments.

The high-brilliance version delivers 450 W of continuous power without any measurement time restriction. It maintains a smaller spot size of 50 to 113 µm depending on the power, up to 10 times better than a minifocus source, states the company. Compared to the standard source, the high-brilliance version allows data to be collected three to five times faster for a given spot size and power.

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