Multiaxis gauging amplifiers accept eight probe/gauging inputs

June 14, 2005

The L.S. Starrett Co.'s 776 Gage-Chek multiaxis gauging amplifiers accept up to eight probe/gauging inputs and provide numerous math calculations and readout versatility.

The amplifiers feature an intuitive visual display, audio cues, and user-defined formulas. A microprocessor enables dynamic minimum/maximum measurements; statistical process control (SPC) analysis from an integrated database; and PC connectivity for downloading printouts, reports, and other documentation.

A 4-3/4-in. by 3 1/2-in. color flat-panel LCD screen is built into a compact case with an adjustable tilt base. Programmable gauging routines and flexible display options simplify operation and viewing, the company reports. Users can view values such as pass/fail data for critical part dimensions or SPC charts and histograms. Audio cues prompt users of in-process, out-of-tolerance, and error situations.

As many as eight input channels can be mathematically combined to display dimensions such as flatness, volume, and runout. Input channels can be used to obtain measurements such as maximum, minimum, and TIR for on-the-spot analysis. Two outside relay outputs provide out-of-tolerance monitoring.

More than 40 math and trigonometric functions and operands are available. Up to 16 separate values can be output from these formulas, based on single input channels or multichannel combinations and comparisons.

An integrated SPC database facilitates measurement data storage and retrieval and allows users to check the manufacturing process at each gauge and share information locally and globally.

The amplifiers support the company's LVDT probes and the Heidenhain Specto style 12- and 30-mm-range digital probes.

Multiple screens are available to show individual readings, bar and dial positions, graphs and histograms of measurement statistics, and SPC data tables.

The amplifiers come in five configurations from displays with one, four, or eight LVDT inputs or four or eight Heidenhain Specto inputs.

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