Multisensor vision measuring machine inspects complex features

May 3, 2012

Hexagon Metrology has released the Optiv® Classic 321GL tp benchtop vision measuring machine. It features 6.5x motorized, CNC zoom optics that contribute to levels of accuracy approaching 2μ. Each unit is preconfigured to add a touch-probe for multisensor measurement.

The unit is suitable for the inspection of complex, densely populated features, such as medical, electronic, and other precision parts including microhole dies, sieves, filters, fiber optics, and inkjet nozzles. It is the smallest model in the product line.

Features include calibrated lighting; a high-resolution, color CCD camera; a laser locator; and an eight-segment, LED, dual-angle ring light to create contrast for edge detection. The system also delivers software controls for RGB (red/green/blue) sensitivity, allowing for adjustment over contrast to help improve consistency for colored parts.

The machine comes standard with PC-DMIS® vision image processing software and full online 3-D CAD capabilities for live programming of the machine to compare measured values to nominals. The software includes the MultiCapture feature, which finds all 2-D characteristics in the field of view, measures them simultaneously, then moves the camera to the next cluster of features and measures them. This sequence continues until the inspection program is complete, at which point the path with the fewest number of stage movements is created.

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