Noncontact scanning probe designed for high accuracy

July 22, 2014

Hexagon Metrology has released the HP-O noncontact scanning probe for high-accuracy measurement and inspection applications. The probe delivers force-free measurement of blisks, blades, gear profiles, flank lines, and other potentially deformable parts without a loss of accuracy, reports the company.

The probe’s 0.12-in. diameter and measurement range up to 0.79 in. provide access to points that are not accessible to tactile probes. Optical measurements can be captured in single-point or scanning mode.

The probe delivers repeatability of less than 0.3 μm when used with the manufacturer’s Leitz PMM-C CMM. The scanning technology can be used to inspect metallic or sensitive part surfaces with mirrorlike or polished finishes, eliminating the need to spray a part’s surface. With an acceptance angle of —30 degrees, the probe can measure difficult-to-access features at a scanning speed of 1,000 points/sec.

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