Optical CMM updated for welded studs

May 10, 2012

Optical CMM updated for welded studs - TheFabricator.com

Aicon has updated its DPA optical measurement system, which uses a high-resolution digital camera as a sensor to measure any size object. The new features include scale bar generation, welded stud measurement, and a telescope camera stand.

Scale bar generation handles four rather than two targets to help verify the accuracy of the measurement. Viewing direction of the measurement targets is freely selectable. The new flexible mountings are freely positionable at the scale bar, enabling 360-degree rotation. On magnetic surfaces, the benchmarks are fixed by strong magnets.

The welded stud measurement system is suitable for automotive applications. It determines the position of welded studs at the body framework in relation to the CAD reference data. Self-centering adapters help users reach the desired CAD zero position quickly.

The telescope camera stand is 21.33 ft. long, eliminating the need for climbing on ladders or scaffolds.