Photoelectric line sensor operates in edge, center, width detection modes

June 12, 2007

Balluff's BOL 27K advanced measuring line sensor is designed to sense product width, edge detection, hole location, and web-loop tension. The sensor, which includes discrete and analog outputs, projects a measuring line of light onto a strip of reflective tape that it uses to measure and locate an object's attributes. The sensor operates in three modes.

Edge position mode detects the position of an object passing over the tape, providing the location of the object's edge by measuring the percentage of tape covered by the object. This mode also can provide the distance from a hole to one of the object's edges.

Center position mode identifies the center of an object by measuring the percentage of tape that the object blocks.

Width detection mode measures the distance between the two edges of an object. Two sensors can be combined to measure objects more than 5.91 in. wide.