Portable 3-D measuring system takes quick, on-site measurements

June 3, 2014

Nikon Metrology has released the P3D NC-2323S portable 3-D measuring system. The compact unit can be operated with the push of a button, with no computer required. It does not require professional expertise or technical knowledge to operate.

The system is suitable for quick, on-site measurements, such as those required on the automotive production floor. Its GUI is simple enough for first-time users. To capture 3-D measuring data, the user moves the lens over an object and presses the shutter button. The projection system directs a laser beam onto a micromirror, made using a semiconductor micromachining technique, to project an optical pattern onto the object.

The compact body includes a sensor, operator, and controller, enabling users to check the data immediately and conduct simple measurements. The system works with an AC adapter and battery, enabling use on production floors where available power sources are limited.

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