Portable industrial stands hold scanners, portable arms

November 4, 2013

Brunson Instrument Co. offers the TetraLock lightweight industrial metrology stand. The pyramid-like structure uses a prestressed tetrahedron design for stability.

Made from aluminum and stainless steel, the stand is available with a choice of thread mount, pad feet, and a duffel-style carrying bag. It is suitable for portable CMMs and survey instrumentation weighing up to 125 lbs., such as articulating arms, projectors, scanners, theodolites, and total stations. The stand weighs a little more than 20 lbs., with a maximum height of 47 in. and maximum footprint of 50 in. A Lite model is available that weighs 16.2 lbs.

The stand is collapsible for storage, yet has no movement within its joints when locked in the open position. To reach the desired height, a technician uses quick-action cam levers to lock or release the stand’s telescoping legs with index marks to guide the process.