Portable videoscope inspection system features pan-and-tilt color camera head

September 30, 2013

Portable videoscope inspection system features pan-and-tilt color camera head - TheFabricator.com

Lenox Instrument Co. has introduced its portable videoscope system. The self-contained system combines video technology, cordless operation, and portability for the inspection of tube and pipe, heat exchangers drill pipe, turbines, airframes, bridges, power-generation equipment, process tanks and vessels, and hydraulic cylinders.

The system features a removable, 1.5-in.-dia., waterproof, 360-degree pan and 180-degree tiltable color CCD camera head with built-in, bright LED lighting. Mounted to the end of a flexible, retractable push rod, the camera can negotiate 90-degree bends and inspect lengths up to 98 ft., with the retracted push rod length sensed electronically and displayed on-screen. An optional handheld PVSK locator detects radio signals transmitted by the camera head for precise location of the camera head during borescope inspections.

The videoscope system includes a tiltable and removable 7-in. TFT monitor, built-in image recording onto a removable memory card (32 GB max), and a mini USB port for video file transfer to a computer for viewing and playback with the included PVSK viewer software. A standard, built-in RCA video output also is provided.

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