Profile cutter's vision system scans beams for imperfections

June 20, 2012

Profile cutter's vision system scans beams for imperfections -

HGG has introduced its new robotic profile cutting (RPC) line for plasma cutting profiles such as I- and H-beams and square and rectangular tubing profiles.

The plasma beam profiler's laser-triangulation vision system automatically scans beams for common imperfections, including flanges that are not always perfectly straight and bodies that are off-center or twisted. An electronic measuring device compares the actual outside shape and position dimensions of the raw material to the cutting program, automatically compensating for any deviation on-the-fly without interrupting material preparation or profile cutting time.

The line includes dedicated software for programming and work preparation, an infeed roller conveyor and outfeed roller conveyor, a cutting and marking cell with integrated downdraft table, a robotic plasma profile cutter, a touchscreen operator interface with built-in macro shapes, and a laser vision system combined with electronic measuring devices.

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