Redesigned optical measuring system doubles accuracy

August 14, 2013

Redesigned optical measuring system doubles accuracy -

Mahr Federal has introduced the new MarShaft™ Scope Plus, a fully automatic optical measuring system for dimensional testing of turned parts. It offers micron-level measurements and includes a new MarWin®-based controller and system architecture.

The system also incorporates new EasyShaft™ operating software that facilitates quick measurements. The optional ProfessionalShaft™ software high-level script programming allows nearly unlimited customizing capability for these systems.

The error limit for measuring length with the new system is (2+L/125) µm, compared to (5+L/ 100) µm for the previous version. For diameter, the error limit is (1+L/125) µm, compared to (2+L/100) µm.

Optional equipment includes a tactile measuring system with an inductive measuring probe to measure such things as runout and straightness. All measuring runs are fully automatic and thus free of operator influence.

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