Remote video inspection system added to product line

January 15, 2008

Titan Tool Supply Inc. has added the SnakeEye III™ remote video inspection system to its Envision line.

The lightweight, portable system combines an LED camera and TFT-LCD technology to deliver clear color video. Images can be recorded to a flash memory card for later transfer to a PC for archival and e-mail purposes.

With its modular design, the system can be configured to inspect behind walls, inside ceilings, around pipes and machinery, and in other difficult-to-reach areas.

Two models are available. Base Kit W features an interchangeable camera head with built-in LED lighting. This camera attaches to a rigid wand extender, enabling inspection of areas that have access openings as small as 1.1 in. Base Kit CW includes a C-mount camera for use in attaching a borescope or fiberscope to the display monitor, which allows for the recording of images and enables more than one person to make a visual inspection at the same time.

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