Robot-assisted 3-D scanning handles delicate structures

September 11, 2013

Breuckmann's stereoSCAN allows automated 3-D scanning in conjunction with Aicon's DPA CMM. Designed to scan delicate structures and small deviations at a maximum level of accuracy, the system can be adjusted with a quick change of the lenses or repositioning of the camera modules.

Measuring fields from a few millimeters up to 3.28 ft. can be configured. An accuracy level of less than 0.004 in. is ensured by the reference setup, which is measured once with the CMM. The combination of these two systems with the object-specific reference setup, a robot, and a turntable allows for fully automated, high-precision digitization and inspection even of very large-scale objects, enabling the data to be evaluated promptly and available for further processing, states the manufacturer.

The settings required for the automatic component measurements are specified once; subsequent measurements can be repeated as often as needed while maintaining the same level of quality.