Scanning probe head measures complex part features

October 2, 2012

Scanning probe head measures complex part features -

Hexagon Metrology has released the LSP-X1h probe head for analog scanning on select Global Silver CMMs. The 3-D analog scanning probe collects thousands of data points for evaluation of complex part features. It supports single-point probing, high-speed scanning, and self-centering modes in lengths from 0.79 to 8.86 in. in vertical orientation and 1.97 in. in the horizontal orientation. The probe head also provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the contact surface.

The unit attaches to Tesastar-m indexable, articulated probe heads. This enables long styli with small external diameters to reach all features on a part. It is suitable for measuring gears and other parts with complex features.

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