Software integrated in measuring device for tube quality control

April 14, 2014

Prodim has developed TubeCheck software for quality control of tubes. Integrated into the company’s Proliner® Tracker 10IS measuring device, the software enables digitization of tubes on the device’s screen for checking.

The portable device can measure points and contours with high accuracy, reports the company. The comprehensive CAD software and 10-in. touchscreen simplify checking and editing of measurements. Wire technology and leapfrog software allow execution of measurements larger than 65.61 ft.

Checking and calculating centerlines, radii, and angles requires only a few sections of the tube to be measured. Results are displayed immediately on the touchscreen, making it possible to compare the measured tube with the original design. By defining the tolerances of the tangent and intersection points, the software can identify any deviations.

When the bend radius is not specified or when multiple bends with different radii exist, the user can measure the radii in the same sequence. When the bend radius is presented on the screen, the operator can determine the radius for all bends.

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