Stereo microscope combines long focal length, large viewing field, distortion-free vision

August 1, 2011

The new FX-4 stereo microscope from Titan Tool Supply Inc. combines long focal length, a large field of view, and distortion-free vision with a depth of field up to 0.1875 in. at 10x to deliver 3-D views. Featuring an adjustable aluminum stand, the microscope is designed for assembly operations, manufacturing of electronic components, microwelding, burring, and inspection.

Resolution is 57 to 128 line pairs per millimeter using a 10x eyepiece and 80.6 to 161 with a 20x eyepiece. The rack-and-pinion focusing arrangement is adjustable to 6 in. high above the base plate.

The binocular tube is inclined at a 45-degree angle with diopter adjustment and variable adjustment for interpupillary distance. Six different magnifications are possible with the purchase of one extra set of eyepieces and three objectives.

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