System facilitates retrofitting older machines for in-process force measurement

May 8, 2007

PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) has developed a system that allows retrofitting for old machines for in-process force measurement. The system consists of a series M240 ICP® strain sensor and Model 410A01 ICP® signal conditioner featuring peak hold.

The peak hold feature allows older programmable logic controller systems to stay in synch with high-speed production cycles. The signal conditioner captures and holds the peak reading until a programmable logic controller can scan for value. A simple solid-state relay resets peak hold value.

The system is intended for use in various process monitoring and control applications, stamping, crimping, press fit, riveting, or other assembly force fabrication applications, including material presence and misalignment.

Comprising a bolt on sensor and DIN rail-mounted module, the system can be installed and running in minutes, the company says. Its high-resolution analog output (0-5VDC) can be directly correlated to units of force.