Touchscreen coating thickness measurement instrument combines portability, PC capability

October 14, 2008

Fischer Technology's DUALSCOPE®l FMP100 touchscreen coating thickness measurement instrument helps combine the capabilities of PC-based lab instruments with the manageability of compact portable units, reports the company.

Windows™ CE-based application software helps ensure that the user has the ability to manage the measurement application and configure the instrument. The combination of a bright LCD with a touchscreen helps simplify settings, measurements, and data evaluations, according to the company. The instrument offers several configuration options for presentation of results and has a drag-and-drop feature that enables the user to create application-specific interfaces and printform templates.

The unit works with various F-Probes to form an integral measurement system. The high-precision probes increase the typical measurement range, allowing users to measure very thin and very thick coatings, the company states.

The instrument is suitable for nonmagnetic coatings on ferrous substrate materials (magnetic induction method), including zinc, chromium, copper, tin, paint, varnish, plastics, and enamel on iron or steel; electrically nonconducting coatings on NF-metals (eddy current method), including paint, varnish, or plastics on aluminum, brass, or zinc; and anodized coatings on aluminum.

An external keyboard, printer, or PC can be connected via the USB port for data or parameter input/output. Data export in PDF format also is available.