Tube-based, hand-held analyzers introduced

April 12, 2005

Innov-X Systems Inc. has introduced its Alpha series hand-held, tube-based XRF analyzers that provide elemental analysis from phosphorus to uranium.

The design comprises an X-ray tube in a compact, ergonomically designed unit with a pocket PC. A rear-facing display supplements the high-resolution color PDA and allows reading from any angle. The removable handle allows the unit to fit into tight spaces.

The point and shoot analyzers use Smart Beam™ technology and a high-resolution Si PiN diode detector that eliminates radioactive isotopes and removes government regulation, disposal, or travel restrictions.

Applications include material identification for new-product quality control and assurance, metal recycling, checking impurity levels, and analyzing contaminants.

The unit's HP iPAQ® pocket PC runs with up to 25-element software suites using fundamental parameters, spectral matching and empirically generated calibrations. The Windows®-based PC features a color touchscreen display, up to 1 GB of memory, Bluetooth wireless communications, e-mail and Internet access, and GPS.

The analyzer comes with rechargeable batteries. A docking station is optional.

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