Tube inspection software combines tube, geometry measurement

January 10, 2006

Romer CimCore has launched its DOCS (data overlay camera system) 2.0 tube inspection and reverse engineering software.

The software combines tube measurement and geometry measurement in one program, eliminating the need to run multiple applications. It overlays inspection geometry onto photos of the part to aid in visualizing the part setup and context. This Transprojection® function is enabled by the digital camera built into the INFINITE series of portable CMMs. The software's ability to group multiple tubes in one part file keeps all parts of a tube assembly together.

Surface inspection with contact or noncontact tube probes inspect all parts of the tube, including bends, brackets, and flanges. It provides real-time surface inspection and the ability to locate brackets and flanges on a tube. Its modifiable HTML reporting capability provides clear and informative reporting, the company says.

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