Tube measuring software introduced

March 7, 2011

Advanced Tubular Technologies and Faro Technologies have collaborated to introduce VTube tube measuring software.

When used with a Faro Laser ScanArm®, the software can reverse-engineer a new part with five bends in less than two minutes, according to the manufacturer. This includes software load, initial setup, measure, project file save, and software unload. The software can figure out the diameter on-the-fly, eliminating the need for the user to enter it manually.

Features include fail-safe end sweeps and enhanced warning systems that cross-check the user through every measure.

The software is built on the VTube-STEP foundation, so it can import tube shapes from any solid model package that can create a universal STEP file. Master data can be entered in one of seven ways: XYZ, LRA, reverse engineer, construct 3-D tube, import master bender data, import Supravision data, or import solid model.