Tube verification system introduced

May 13, 2008

Two companies have worked together to introduce a new method for documenting or verifying large and complex tubes, such as those found in the oil and chemical industries, but also in aircraft and heavy vehicles.

The method combines the large-volume capability of the Metronor Solo probe system with simple-to-use software from TeZet. The user captures the required tube dimensions with the hand-held probe and automatically creates a CAD model of it in the software.

To document a stretch of straight tube, the operator indicates three points at one end of the tube and then a couple of more points further down the tube to define the direction. Bends, flanges, intersections, and tube length are documented the same way.

The data-gathering system can handle volumes of 10 m and beyond, depending on the required accuracy. If required, repositioning can be done in seconds. The probe is lightweight and wireless, and it uses different styli lengths to reach tubes hidden from direct view.

Since only the required data is captured, the process gives immediate results without any need for postprocessing large amounts of data.