Ultrasonic test instrument allows on-, offline tube, bar inspection

March 7, 2006

Magnetic Analysis Corp. offers the FD-4 Echomac® ultrasonic test instrument for on- or offline inspection of tube, bar, and plate and flaw detection and measurement of wall thickness and OD in both tube and pipe applications.

The unit features 32 test channels in a single system and operates on a Windows® XP platform. The system can report ID dimensions, ovality, eccentricity, and wall variation. It includes full network support for remote desktop viewing and control.

The system's EchoHunter® software allows for the configuration of each channel for any combination of thicknesses and flaw detection. The strip chart portion of the simultaneous strip chart/A-scan display shows peak signal values within each threshold gate for up to 16 channels. The flicker-free A-scan captures nonrepetitive events such as short-duration flaws, even during high-speed UT scanning, typical of rotating transducer head systems.

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