Unit scans reflective objects without surface preparation

April 22, 2013

Unit scans reflective objects without surface preparation - TheFabricator.com

AiMESS has developed R3Dscan, a fringe projection 3-D digitizing system that scans and measures reflective and transparent objects without the need for surface preparation.

The system does not analyze an object's reflection but instead uses an infrared detector to trace the energy that is absorbed by the measurement object and converted into heat. Because the surface finish doesn’t affect this patented infrared measurement method, the system can instantly scan reflective, dark, and transparent surfaces.

It eliminates the need for spraying or placing markers on the measurement object. Single views of the measurement object are matched automatically to a complete data set. The system also is insensitive to ambient light, so light conditions do not affect measuring results.

Without the need for prior spraying, the infrared scanner can be used inline for measuring objects in step with the production schedule.

The complete system weighs about 55 lbs. and works with a 220-V power supply. One shot covers a measuring volume of 9.84 by 9.84 by 3.94 in3. Larger scans can be achieved by relocating the scanner or object to be measured. The modular configuration allows several projectors to be connected to one computer, so that only one shot is needed to acquire a part, regardless of how large it is.