Video borescope detects corrosion, blockages, and cracking

September 3, 2014

GE’s Measurement & Control business has introduced the GE Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe™ video borescope with 3-D phase measurement and analysis and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Designed for use in several industries, the borescope is equipped with a touchscreen interface, on-screen keyboard, and ergonomic buttons. Menu-directed inspection guides users through the inspection process and organizes results for simplified reporting. Inspection technicians can connect directly with experts from the field to get advice, share screens and images of the inspection site, make notes, and assess the area, helping to expedite the inspection process.

Users create and customize profile setups for multiple users and applications on the device. Users also have access to on-device manuals and context-based inspection support files. The 3-D phase measurement capabilities help determine accurate indication depth and size for pitting, cracking, and corrosion.